Fodder 24% cheaper

At today’s press conference, the representatives of the Agrokor Group Ms Ljerka Puljić, Senior Executive Vice President for Strategic Business Groups, Ms Marija Pintarić Tukara, manager of Agroprerada d.d., Mr. Goran Pajnić, manager of Belje d.d. and Mr. Nikola Šafer, manager of PIK Vinkovci d.d. and Krma d.d., informed the public of a 24% average reduction of fodder prices by these Agrokor companies, as of the beginning of the week.

Fodder 24% cheaperRepresentatives of the Agrokor Group pointed out the significantly lower price of corn from 2008 as the principal reason for the reduction in fodder prices. New calculations have been carried out on the basis of the lowered corn price. In spite of a price increase in other fodder components, for example soya shot, premix, energy and others, it was the significant reduction of the price of corn that influenced the reduction of the final price. Agrokor is one of the leading fodder producers in Croatia, with almost 200 thousand tonnes of total production, more than half of which is used for its own purposes, i.e. for meeting the needs of the cooperative. Agrokor currently produces fodder at three locations: in Ivanić Grad under the Peletino brand, at the recently acquired fodder plant Krma in Vinkovci, and at Belje.