FoodDrinkEurope placed the project “Less is more” on the best practices list


PIK Vrbovec project “Less is more” has earned a spot on the list of 150 examples of best practice in Europe on the  Eat & Live Well website that showcases the efforts of food manufacturers in product formulation and innovation as well as responsible marketing and advertising. The website was launched by industry trade group FoodDrinkEurope to highlight industry efforts to promote healthier lifestyles. This online platform therefore highlights best European practices by presenting companies that, aware of the demands of the market, create products that meet consumer health needs beyond just adhering to EU and national regulation. In this way, the best initiatives and projects that improve the quality of life through high-quality products are presented to the European public. 

With “Less is more” project, PIK Vrbovec was one of the first to offer the market an assortment of meat products without flavor enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soy, earning a place in FoodDrinkEurope product formulation and innovation category. The project includes more than 90 products from the meat product assortment of PIK Vrbovec, a result of many years of intensive and successful cooperation between Marketing, R&D, Production and Quality Assurance departments of PIK Vrbovec.  

“Presenting the project “Less is more” through a case study on the international level is another proof that by following and recognizing needs of local market, where we have been successfully present for many years, we have chosen the right path for the export markets. In recent years PIK Vrbovec has increasingly focused on exports and the share of exports in total sales in 2015 was 15%. Apart from the CEFTA market, PIK Vrbovec is exporting to 15 EU countries. We are proud that quality and innovation in production of both meat products and fresh meat are recognized on the foreign markets, and that we have recorded a significant quantitative growth in sales in 2015 in these markets, and a growth trend expected for this year” said Boris Cvetković, Export Director in PIK Vrbovec.   

In 2016, PIK Vrbovec took another step forward by expanding the project “Less is more”. Following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, as well as the strategy of the Republic of Croatia on the reduction of excessive salt intake, PIK Vrbovec is the first company in Croatia to present a whole range of meat products that now contain 25% less salt, while having the same distinctive taste and superior quality.

PIK Vrbovec continuously implements and supports educational projects so, along with the recognition from FoodDrinkEurope, the reduction of salt project was presented at the conference that is a part of the National Program “Living Healthy” under the auspices of the Ministry of Health as an example of good practice. The presentation was attended by Ines Bertinovec, R&D Director in PIK Vrbovec. “We believe that expanding the project “Less is more” by reducing salt in meat products will also be recognized in future initiatives, as well as by consumers. PIK, of course, will not stop here, but will continue innovating with the aim to offer our consumers quality products which they expect from us as the leading food industry in the region. Also, we wish that our example would encourage other companies to follow new trends and initiatives in the field of nutrition and promoting a healthier lifestyle” said Ines Bertinovec.     

This year, the project “Less is more” was awarded the best project in the category of customer focus, and PIK Vrbovec has won yet another award - European Business Award in the category: “The award for customer focus”.