From Innovation to Business Opportunity contest opens a new round


mStart has organized a new round of the “From Innovation to Business Opportunity” contest. During previous years, the contest was focused primarily on students from technology oriented universities, but due to growing interest this year’s, the fifth overall, edition was expanded to other universities:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb
  • Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin
  • University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb
  • The Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb
  • The Faculty of Economics and Business in Osijek
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Studies in Šibenik
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology in Osijek
  • Faculty of science in Zagreb, Mathematics Department
  • Faculty of science in Zagreb, Physics Department

Full time students are invited to propose technological solutions for companies of the Agrokor Group in the fields of business processes, electronic business, organization, marketing, service development and robotized production pursuant to contest terms and conditions. Students will encounter actual situations from Agrokor companies and provide solutions through the contest.

The contest offers several interesting subjects from everyday operations of Agrokor Group companies. The students must decide to put their knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the test and find innovative answers for the tasks listed below.


  1. TRANSFER 4 YOU – web application for users, tourist agency and transporters, Tisak
  2. SHAZAM SHOPPING – application for photographic recognition and availability of products in Konzum stores, Konzum
  3. OUT OF THE BOX SHOP – creating a digital store that will be our competitor, Konzum klik
  4. ENERGY EFFICIENCY FOR ZVIJEZDA PRODUCTION FACILITIES – influence of external temperature on consumption of electricity, Zvijezda
  5. PICK’EM APP– optimization of transport for passengers on daily excursions, Atlas
  6. PURCHASING HABITS – use existing habits to find new correlations and relevant information, MultiPlusCard
  7. 3D PRODUCT PICTURE – a system to create interactive 3D webshop product pictures, Abrakadabra
  8. INNOVATIVE SERVICE – Tisak, Konzum, Konzum klik, Zvijezda, Atlas, MultiPlusCard, Abrakadabra


The three best student solutions will receive the following prizes:

1st prize HRK 20.000

2nd prize HRK 10.000

3rd prize HRK 5.000


Presentation of tasks and companies will be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, on March 15th at 1200 hours in order to provide students as much information about the contest and to learn more about the companies and their mentors.

More details (in Croatian) can be found at: