Gold to the "Portugizac wine" from Mladina

A 12-year-long tradition once again gathered new wine lovers at the Wine festival in Zagreb this autumn. The festival took place from 5 to 7 October 2007. In the competition in which 25 exhibitors took part, the wine from Plešivica produced in Mladina winery, which is a part of Agrokor group, won the title for the best wine.

Gold to the "Portugizac wine" from MladinaThe delicacy of taste, rich aroma and smoothness of Mladona’sPortugizac together with the first autumn smell of roasted chestnuts reflect the quality of the sorted grape wine Mladina presented at the Wine festival in Zagreb this year. In doing this Mladina has played a part in wine culture. This year the bestPortugizac wine was produced from the high-quality vine of Mladina’s most widespread indigenous variety, particularly suitable for growing in the area of the wine-growing hills of Plešivica and Okić. The Mladina winery, one of three wine and wine grape crop producers within the Agrokor group, is the largest producer ofPortugizac wine in the area of the city and county of Zagreb. To meet an increased demand forPortugizac wine, the offer of which has been insufficient on this market so far, Mladina both renews old vineyards and plants new ones, thus providing quality production of this increasingly popular variety. By making long-term investments in quality crops, applying state-of-the art technologies ranging from the planting process to growing wine grape to the crop itself and high-quality wine production, as well as employing leading experts and continually following world trends in gastronomy, the Mladina winery tends to preserve a century-long tradition of drinking new autumn wine in north-western Croatia and bring it to its consumers, wine lovers and oenologists. This year’s offer of Portugizac wine witnesses the success of the Mladina winery. Winning the prize for the bestPortugizac wine at the Wine festival in Zagreb this year is a result of the high quality of wine from the Plesivica hills opening up the opportunity for a good launch of Mladina’s wine in the domestic market.