GOLDBERG – Golden Selection - the New Delight of Vinski Podrumi Belje

Today, refined wines from Belje, the “GOLDBERG – Golden Selection”, are being presented in the Bornstein vintners in Zagreb under the expert guidance of Mr Franjo Francem, director of viniculture projects at Agrokor, and Mr Marijan Knežević, the wine expert in charge of Podrumi Belje, Vinski Podrumi Belje. A first-rate vintage selection from 2006 has translated into two new products: GOLDBERG Graševina (Riesling) and GOLDBERG Chardonnay.

The grapes obtained from high-quality vines for the GOLDBERG Golden Selection are cultivated on Banska kosa. This is Goldberg land of a southern exposition, at an altitude of up to 220 metres. The pedological foundation of the vineyard is brown loessified soil which is rich and aired with a quite deep loess profile. This selection of terrain and exposition has resulted in an excellently balanced ratio of freshness obtained from Riesling and Chardonnay as varieties, and a certain ripeness and plenitude obtained through the special care for the vineyards, grapes and wine.

GOLDBERG – Golden Selection - the New Delight of Vinski Podrumi BeljeGOLDBERG Graševina (Riesling) is a semi-dry wine of the highest calibre with an unfermented sugar residue of 10.6 g/l, and a vintage 2006 with an alcohol content of 13.1% vol. The wine is the result of a subtle selection of regular vintage grapes and later vintages, in order to obtain the desired style and character. Its distinct character, achieved through careful nurturing, is manifested in the elegance and harmony of its sensations. The ratio of freshness which is gained from Riesling as a variety, and the ripeness and plenitude obtained by later vintages are excellently balanced in this wine. The wine has a shiny-bright clarity, with an elegant yellowish-green colour. The fragrance is rich and complex, and of a fruity character, with a hint of ripe apple and overripe apricot. Honey and exotic fruit fit nicely in the fragrant composition. All these sensations are excellently supported by a subtle fragrance of mould and mushroom. The taste of the wine is elegant, rich, fresh, and cream-like, with a fine body structure, very harmonious and warm. The finish is a very long one. This wine is a companion to rich, fine meals, though this wine should in fact be enjoyed alone, with enough time dedicated to it to discover all of the stratification in the opening of this wine.

GOLDBERG – Golden Selection - the New Delight of Vinski Podrumi BeljeGOLDBERG Chardonnay is an excellent semi-dry wine with an unfermented sugar residueof 10.7 g/l, and a vintage 2006 with an alcohol content of 13.4% vol. By combining different vintage dates with a high criteria grape-cluster selection, the elegance and beauty of this wine has been achieved as a reflection of the location’s capacities. The wine is of a lively sparkling golden-yellow colour, and is crystal clear. The rich flavour, with its nicely expressed fruit fragrance, is reminiscent of mellow quince, apricot and ripe candied fruits. A walnut nucleus is discernible in the background. The taste is fresh, elegant, full and harmonious, and of a very fine structure, but still powerful, strong, and long-lasting. The wine can be served with various meals with rich gravies, roast meat and steak.