Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!

This year Grandissimo group has been enriched with 5 new, tasty and unusual flavours which are certifying Ledo as a leader in quality and innovativeness.

Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!Grandissimo Brownies and Cookies is cocoa and vanilla ice cream enriched with delicious pieces of Brownies and Cookies and chocolate sauce, sprinkled with white and milk chocolate bits.

Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!Grandissimo apricot-sponge cake is a sponge cake and apricot ice cream with pieces of apricot and sponge cake, enriched with apricot sauce.

An absolute novelty are theGrandissimo Selection products made of carefully selected, rich and premium ingredients and exotic flavours, enriched with even 40% more sauce.

Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!This group proudly presentsTruffles (cocoa ice cream with truffle and hazelnut pieces, white chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel-filled mini chocolate and white chocolate pralines).

Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!Cheesecake & Raspberry (raspberry ice cream with raspberry pieces, cheesecake flavoured ice cream with sponge cake pieces, raspberry sauce and pieces of graham crunch).

Grandissimo – Ice Cream Passion!Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake with Walnuts (walnut ice cream with walnut bits, chocolate/hazelnut ice cream, chocolate/hazelnut sauce, heart-shaped pieces of white chocolate).

Grandissimo – simply irresistible this year!