Graševina Goldberg wins silver medal in Paris

At this year’s prestigious wine contest Vinalies Internationales in Paris, Graševina Goldberg, vintage 2008, of the Belje Wine Cellars won a silver medal competing against 3500 wines from all around the world.

Graševina Goldberg wins silver medal in ParisVinalies Internationales is one of the world’s largest wine competitions and is organized by the Union des OEnologues de France (The French Oenologists’ Association) and held in Paris in accordance with the OIV regulations. To win a medal at Vinalies Internationales means to achieve recognition in the eyes of the buyers on the wine market. The competition was held from 26 February to 2 March this year, with samples tested by 100 professional tasters from international institutions. The results of the competition were announced today on theVinalies International official website. All the prize-winning wines, including Graševina Goldberg, will be presented in the book 1000 Vins du Monde (1000 Wines of the World) published by the Union des OEnologues de France.


Graševina Goldberg wins silver medal in ParisThe Goldberg Gold Selection is a choice of selected top quality wines from selected localities. The Goldberg Gold Selection was named after the Goldberg area, where the vineyards cover the southern sunny side of Banova kosa (Banova hill) up to the elevation of 220 m above sea level. The gentle curving hills keep the vineyards sheltered from the strong Pannonian northern wind, and the loess soil along the Danube provides the perfect conditions for the growing and development of top quality wines. The choice of terrain and exposure has resulted in an excellent balance between the freshness of the graševina variety and the maturity and fullness obtained by the special care of the vineyard, the grapes and the wine. Marijan Knežević, the chief oenologist at the Belje Wine Cellars, thus describes Graševina Goldberg: “The wine was obtained by the subtle selection of regular harvest grapes and late harvest grapes, with the aim of reaching the desired style and character. The distinct personality, obtained through meticulous care, manifests itself in the elegance and harmony of sensations. This wine has an excellent balance between freshness, lent by the graševina variety, and maturity and fullness, provided by the late harvest. The wine has a brilliant clarity and an elegant yellow-greenish hue. The smell is rich, complex and fruity, with ripe apple and overripe apricot accents. The fragrance composition nicely incorporates honey and exotic fruit. All these sensations go together exceptionally well with the subtle gentle aromas of must and mushrooms. The taste is elegant, rich, fresh and creamy, with an excellent body that is very harmonious and warm. The finish is very long. This wine may accompany rich and elaborate dishes, but should preferably be enjoyed on its own, taking one’s time, in order to discover the many layers of its development.” This is yet another international prize for Graševina Goldberg. So far it has won the bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London in 2009, and the silver medal at Vino Ljubljana in 2009.