Graševina Vina Belje triumphed in Germany


In one of the largest wine competitions in the world Mundus Vini, gold medals were awarded to Goldberg graševina from 2006 and 2011

Graševina Vina Belje confirmed its international reputation and great export potential it has at one of the largest wine competitions in the world - Mundus Vini, held in the German town of Neustadt. Gold medals for quality were awarded to Goldberg graševina form 2006 and 2011, while Goldberg Merlot from 2012 received a silver medal.

The value of these gold medals that Goldberg graševina received in Neustadt is only greater when one considers the fact that more than 8400 wines from 37 different countries entered the competition. The high standards and the professional evaluation of Mundus Vini is owed to an international jury which consists of 150 wine tasters from 36 countries.

“We came to Mundus Vini with our finest wines and are very pleased that the quality was recognized by experts from around the world. Graševine Vina Belje already have a good reputation in regional markets and these medals open the route to other markets in the world, from Europe to far East.” said Ljiljana Vajda-Mlinaček, executive director of marketing and turism sectors in Belje.

Goldberg graševina is at the pinnacle of a rich tradition of making graševina in Vina Belje cellars. Made from handpicked grapes from the best positions of Banovo brdo, carrying the name Goldberg this Graševina has a specific and special quality it owes to the traits of Baranya terroir, an exceptionally large number of sunny days and modern winery set in the heart of the vineyard.

Medals awarded at the Mundus Vini competition are just the latest success in a series of international achievements for Vina Belje. This year alone Goldberg graševina and merlot won gold medals in wine competitions held in Paris, Budapest and also in Canada, as well as at domestic competitions where Vina Belje were awarded a total of 20 gold and silver medals.