Great success of Agrokor's wine on Decanter's Wine Assessment in London


This year London was again the place of the most influential and the most respectable wine assessment in the world –Decanter Word Wine Awards. The Decanter monthly magazine, the bible for world connoisseurs and wine lovers, with over 5 million readers - wine lovers from all over the world, has organized this big competition since 2004. Each year, the Decanter Word Wine Awards event confirms its position as the biggest wine competition in the world in relation to the number of samples and the interest shown by wine connoisseurs.

Great success of Agrokor's wine on Decanter's Wine Assessment in LondonOn this year's Decanter Word Wine Awards, the greatest achievement of Agrokor wine has surely been the gold medal for Supreme Merlot 2008 from Belje Wine Cellar. Beside the shiniest, gold medal, Belje Wine Cellar has also won two bronze medals for Riesling Goldberg 2008 and Supreme Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 and the recommendation for Supreme Goldberg Chardonnay 2007. This year, London proved to be a success for Ilok Wine Cellars that won silver and bronze medals and a recommendation. Traminac Ice Wine won the silver medal and the bronze medal went to Traminac optional berry harvest 2007, while Supreme Riesling 2008 is the recommended wine of the Decanter Word Wine Awards. Agrolaguna's line Festigia won the bronze medal for Castello 2007 on this same competition. These truly great awards are even more important when we say that Riesling Goldberg from Belje Wine Cellar won the bronze medal at the same competition last year, and the year before it got a recommendation and that Traminac wines from Ilok Wine Cellars and Agrolaguna's Festigia line of wines also have their own history of medals on Decanter's assessment.

We should definitely note that beside the "great" Decanter's medals, the wines from the cellars of Agrokor's wine partners have also received quality recognitions through another line of medals with: Monde Selection Paris, Bacchus Madrid, Monde Selection Brussels, Vinitaly as well as with other recognized international assessments. The bar has been set high and the plan for Croatian wines, which cherish the tradition and create trends and conquer the markets and regions, to become regional leaders is gradually turning into reality – as far as quality is concerned.