Gregor Rajšp from Mercator is the Human resources representative of the week

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We’re searching for ambitious candidates

Gregor Rajšp, director of human resources sector in Mercator Slovenia was declared weekly Human potentials representative in “Top job” section of Finance magazine and on this occasion gave an interview. He advises the candidates to be honest because one’s true characteristics surface quickly.

Mercator, the biggest Slovenian retailer, is looking for associates who are ambitious, have a sense of belonging, who are highly motivated and goal oriented. Gregor Rajšp, director of human resources sector was appointed to this position last spring and before that he was the manager of safety at work in Mercator’s company that employs more than 50% handicapped individuals. Before that he worked in logistics in Aldi. He does not tolerate dishonesty, cover-ups and lack of preparation for a job interview.

Mercator was employing 10.550 people in Slovenia in 2015 (more than 21.000 in the group) which makes it one of the biggest employers in the country and recently they looked for 25 young persons for working on projects in various departments Even though the number of employees is somewhat lower than previous year, they expect to hire new employees by the end of the year.

Where was your first job, what was your first job and how much money did you make?

I started working as soon as I had the chance. I have plenty of different experiences. I remember my first summer practice very well, it was in the analytics lab of a production company in Maribor, as well as I remember my first night shift in front of a conveyor belt at the same company. I will never forget the job I had in carwash and huge amounts of water, clothes and shoes soaking wet that I didn’t have time to dry. Before I started working I knew the details on what I will spend the money. It was cycling equipment. My first real job was abroad and that was a priceless experience.

What boss did you remember the most and why?

I don’t have to look far back to the past. The gentlemen had my complete attention from the first second. He would always find the right words, short and brief, goal oriented. Motivator, a man you would follow blind. And it’s irrelevant whether the tasks are easily or difficult to complete. We have cooperated only shortly, for one year, but in this time I have learned much, mostly about myself, from him.

What characteristics do candidates need to possess in order to get hired in your company?

We have many different work positions in our company. If I had to describe the traits of a universally ideal associate I would highlight being ambitious, sense of belonging and loyalty, highly motivated, goal oriented, ability to connect employees and being a team player.

When we are looking for new associates for a specific position, we emphasize in the ad what features the candidates should possess. For some more demanding positions we have a list of competences and knowledge that we thoroughly test during the selection procedures.

When candidates apply to your openings, what is it that you cannot tolerate?

First of all let me point out dishonesty, especially in job interviews. There’s no point in concealing anything because one’s true characteristics surface quickly, especially if they differ from the ones required for a specific position. Another thing that also bothers me is if the candidate doesn’t know anything or very little about our company. This shows that he didn’t prepare for the interview.

What is the way a candidate can convince you that he is the right choice for a position?

Besides fulfilling all the requirements specified and being successful during selection procedure (interviews, psychological testing and evaluation for more demanding positions), it is very important that the candidate has good understanding with head of the department so we can see will they fit well into the team. In the end, it is also important for the candidate to share similar values with the company or can relate to them.