Helena Marečić talks about her professional engagement as a make-up artist

The magical world of art, luxury and cosmetology

Helena Marečić, employed with the company PIK Vrbovec at the department of cutting and packing durable and semi-durable products, is also a professional make-up artist. In a short interview she shared some interesting experience about her professional engagement as make-up artist, disclosing whether she would occasionally do the make-up for her coworkers from PIK and where she would get the ideas for different styles.

Can you shortly introduce your work to us, what does the make-up artist’s work encompass?

The make-up artist is a person who can transfer creative thinking and a sense of beauty into reality, making the world of fashion, aesthetics and art richer. A make-up artist is both a professional and an artist who can reach high career goals with knowledge while having fun. The main task of a make-up artist is to highlight the beauty of the face and to conceal any shortcomings. This is achieved with proper products that vary according to skin type, which is important because the skin must be properly nurtured and treated. In short, make-up artists create a change, a refreshment of our face and allow us to be different.

Where does your love for make-up come from and when did you start with this type of work?

I have loved make-up for years, but recently I decided to transform this love into something more. I decided to get educated so I could professionally engage in make-up. For me, professional make-up is something greater, it gives me more options to be creative. A proper mix of theory and practice is necessary in this line of work, but it also requires continuous perfecting of skills as well as following trends in order to give the clients a good service and to be able to positively respond to their demands.

What occasions bring you the most clients and what make-up theme do they want the most?

I do most of my work for weddings as such gala occasions are most wanted. Sometimes I do make-up for my colleagues for their business meetings or other events, such as baptisms, birthday parties, etc. 

Helena's colleague as a model

Where do you draw make-up ideas from?

I get an idea for a make-up style after I see the client. That is when I see the type of skin the client has, their complexion and then the characteristics of their face. For example, do they have small eyes or big lips – based on those characteristics I get the idea on how to best highlight the advantages. It is important to dedicate all of your focus to the current client. It is necessary to listen to their wishes, but it is just as important to give them professional advice. And then it’s best to find the golden middle to make the client happy. But besides everything, the most important is being creative, because sometimes with just a little make-up you can do miracles.

Does being a make-up artist take a lot of your time and how do you manage to coordinate it with your job in PIK Vrbovec?

Make-up doesn’t really consume a lot of my free time and because of being well organized I can coordinate my work hours in PIK and make-up.

Do you sometimes do make-up for colleagues from PIK?

My female coworkers from PIK, who I also consider my friends, have helped me very much during my education to become a make-up artist, because they had no worries with me practicing on them from the very beginning. Whenever I needed models, they were there, allowing me to do their make-up and I use this opportunity to thank them. Also, even to this day, if I need a model, I know who I can count on.

How necessary is it to keep up with trends and what does it take to be a successful make-up artist?

Passion and persistence are key values in this work. To choose to work as a professional make-up artist is to enter a magical world of art, luxury and cosmetology and to reach the maximum of your abilities in this demanding area. One should always keep up with trends because they bring new colors, new products and everything required for a complete make-up.