How to manage human resources at an IT company


Ivana Ukas Ilić, head of Human Resources and General Affairs in mStart, spent her student days and first work experiences in Zadar.

After graduating from the Faculty of Psychology in Zadar, I gained my first work experience at the Psychiatric hospital in Ugljan and it helped me to better evaluate people, which is helpful considering that my human resources engagement is mostly focused on selection and career development. I came to the corporate world as an intern in Agrokor in 2000, and I work within the Group to this day, to be more specific, in mStart – a strictly tech company.

Change and Adaptation are part of everyday

Working on selection processes in Agrokor and Konzum I have learned to adapt quickly, because of the wide range of candidates that are required and I had to talk to a lot of people. We hired more than 60 people this year in mStart alone and had more than 500 candidates in the selection process. I interact with our employees on a daily basis and we work intensively on mentoring, education and employee development, because they are the biggest value in the company.

Ivana’s recipe for a good HR manager, based on a long career, is actually quite simple –  be passionate about your work and the result will not fail regardless on the type of work you do. The HR manager who is working in a digital or technological company should be oriented to provide support to the dynamic and highly transforming business in tech companies. And of course, to possess the passion for new technologies yourself.

You can read the full interview in Croatian here.