Agrokor joins the group of Croatian companies that initiated the humanitarian drive "Friendship has no Borders" for the families distressed by the disastrous floods that during July and August hit areas in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria (only in Germany the damage is assessed at over EUR 15bn). Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesić and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the Croatian Embassies in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria), the County of Istria and the Ministry of European Integrations, within a relatively short time the Croatian companies' work group managed to provide for 2000 7-day packages in the hotels of Istria and Kvarner. All guests will be provided with free of charge transport, full board service as well as cultural and entertainment programs in the period from 14th September to 12th October of this year. With this drive Croatia wants to send a strong message of appreciation to the befriended countries that during the past ten years in different ways have supported its struggle for independence and the removal of war damages. The companies involved in the drive collected funds amounting to around EUR 300,000.