Implementation of Agrokor programme for cooperative development of pig-breeding initiated

Implementation of Agrokor programme for cooperative development of pig-breeding initiatedEarly in 2006, Agrokor initiated the implementation of the programme for cooperative development of pig-breeding in accordance with the Operative Programme for the Development of Pig-Breeding in the Republic of Croatia, prepared in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. Funds for the entire project were ensured through the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CBRD). The first farm was built in Molve within the family farm owned by Mr Marijan Jaković. Mr Jaković signed the Cooperation Agreement and Technical Consulting Agreement for the construction of production facilities for pig-breeding with Belje Cooperation Company, a subsidiary within the Agrokor Group. The Agreements define the business relationship for a duration of at least 12 years with the aim of constructing a new pig-breeding farm, the value of which is HRK 5.5 million, with the capacity to produce 4,500 stalled pigs per year. So far, some 200 farmers and companies have shown interest in Agrokor’s project and 44 candidates have fulfilled the project’s requirements. A location permit has already been requested for the first 24 sub-contractors and the possibilities of others have been examined and necessary documents and consents have been prepared. Agrokor, or Belje which is in charge of the project, thus ensures assistance to the investor in the organisation of production following the latest technological standards, together with the buyout of the entire quantity produced, regular supply of the farm with high quality genetic material for breeding and high-quality cattle food, provision of technological and expert assistance, and supervision of on-going production. Furthermore, Belje Cooperation assures technical consulting to all project participants regarding the construction of production facilities from preliminary design to use permit. The farm at Molve is an unique facility of its kind in Croatia that was built using the know-how of domestic and foreign experts and contemporary technological solutions. The construction of the facility was begun in April, after obtaining a legally valid building permit, and thanks to great dedication of the design engineers, production engineers and contractors, five months later the farm is ready for production.

Implementation of Agrokor programme for cooperative development of pig-breeding initiatedOn Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 September, the farm at Molve (14 Konačka Street) will be opened to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A tour of the farm will be available to all interested parties under the guidance of experts and project managers. At the end of the week, pigs that were bred at Belje’s new farm at Malo Kneževo which was opened early this year will be brought to the facility. The farm at Molve is the first development project, which will serve as a standard for the construction of all other pig breeding farms. The facility, whose net surface area is 1,120 m2, is expected to accommodate 1,500 stalled pigs up to 110 kg in one production cycle. Dry food will be used for fattening. In front of the facility there are two silos with a capacity of 17.4 m3. The food is delivered in special vehicles and the food can be dispensed in each pen separately. Feeding is automatic with a special feeding system consisting of a medicator for each compartment and water pipes for each cubicle. The pig-breeding farm was built in accordance with environmental standards and animal welfare protection standards in effect in the EU. Pig breeding is one of the most important branches of agricultural production, present in all parts of the country. The existing production systems, with the exception mostly of large farms, do not fulfil the conditions of open market competition and often fail to comply with the environmental requirements and animal welfare standards. Changes in the pig breeding industry due to the establishment of a new production system and introduction of stimulation measures for specialisation in pig breeding have to be implemented not only because they will ensure a more favourable position for this important branch of industry but also in order to meet the standards in effect in countries with developed cattle farming, especially in the EU countries. The establishment of new production systems will enable the pig breeding industry in Croatia to achieve a higher level of competitiveness in accordance with environmental and ethical requirements which are regarded as a precondition for pig breeding activity in EU countries.