In just two days, more than 300 pallets of supplies for the flooded areas of Croatia donated at Konzum stores


We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all Croatian citizens who joined the “Helping together” initiative and who showed great solidarity by donating supplies at Konzum store collection points all over the country, thus providing relief assistance to the flooded areas of Croatia. In just two days, thousands of people responded to  Konzum and the Red Cross  “Helping together” initiative and more than 300 pallets of goods have been donated, showing once again the great power of unity and common purpose in helping those who currently need it the most.

Among the donations by the citizens, 60% were hygiene products (toilet paper, towels, soaps, tooth pastes and brushes, shampoos, diapers etc.), 30% food and beverages (mostly water, juices, canned and durable food and goods, baby food etc.) and 10% women’s, men’s and children's clothes. Konzum’s large distribution and logistics network is constantly delivering goods to Županja, Vinkovci and Slavonski Brod, as agreed with the representatives of the Red Cross.  Along with donations made by citizens, Konzum is also delivering goods worth more than 6 million kunas that the Agrokor Group and its member companies donated to the Red Cross. Inspired by Konzum's activities, many other suppliers joined the initiative by donating their company goods.

Konzum collection points keep receiving goods donated by citizens, coming in and from all kinds of brands, bags and sizes, both from Konzum and its competitors. Every donation is welcomed with an open heart, packed into pallets and promptly delivered to the Red Cross.

In hope that this joint contribution will help reduce the pain and suffering of our fellow citizens in the flooded areas, we invite everybody who is willing to help to continue to do so by delivering their donations at Konzum stores collection points. The list of Konzum stores where donations are gathered can be found via this link.

We also wish to thank all employees of the Agrokor Group who are actively involved in organizing and providing relief assistance in flooded areas of Croatia.