International awards for Agrolaguna wines

International awards for Agrolaguna winesAt the 5th International Wine Competition “Emotions from the World: Merlot and Cabernet Together” that was held in Bergamo, Agrolaguna d.d. was awarded two gold medals for its winesMerlot Festigia 2007 andCabernet Sauvignon Festigia 2007. The event “Emotions from the World: Merlot and Cabernet Together”, which traditionally takes place in Bergamo, Italy, was held this year in the middle of October, more accurately from the 15th to the 17th. The wines that were entered were rated by a 65 member jury from 20 countries who awarded the best wines a total of 58 gold medals and one great golden award. At the competition, 204 samples of wine were entered and 198 samples from 16 countries were accepted (Italy, South Africa, Serbia, Croatia, Argentina, Turkey, Slovakia, Malta, France, Israel, Australia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Chile and the Czech Republic). Along with the two gold medals that were won, which were in a very competitive group, the wines from Agrolaguna d.d. were also awarded a special recognition by journalists for the best rated wine from Croatia. The vineyards of Agrolaguna spread out over 460 hectares, out of which 119 hectares are cabernet sauvignon grapes and 93.6 hectares are merlot. In the series of prestigious awards that Agrolaguna’s wines have won, including the most recent awards coming from Bergamo, the other awards that should be mentioned are the recent silver medals at the wine competition Mundus Vini in Germany and at the World Championship of Muscat in France.