Introduction of new Agrokor structure and strengthened management team

Ante Ramljak, Extraordinary Trustee for Agrokor, along with the process of business stabilization, ensuring new financing and restructuring of Agrokor, has for the past several weeks been intensively working on enhancing the operative business and management system of companies owned by Agrokor. Therefore a Coordination group was formed that will provide support to the Extraordinary Trustee in managing Agrokor.

The basic intention and the reason for introducing these changes is to provide a more efficient management of daily business activities. The head of the Coordination Group is Ante Ramljak, Extraordinary Trustee.

The new operational business management structure during the Extraordinary Administration is based on vital business groups for Agrokor – retail, food and agriculture, with the addition of special business group focused on Agrokor’s portfolio assets, as well as groups of finance and strategy.

The process of strengthening management teams is ongoing since the Extraordinary Administration was introduced. In the previous past weeks Vladimir Bošnjak, advisor to the Extraordinary Trustee for business group Finance and Strategy was appointed, as well as Vlado Čondić Galiničić, advisor to the Extraordinary Trustee for business group Agriculture and Irena Weber, advisor to Extraordinary Trustee for asset portfolio and non-core business.

As for the retail business, Tomislav Čizmić continues to successfully lead Mercator and as of yesterday changes in Konzum are in effect that will result in strengthening of management of Agrokor’s retail. The new CEO of Konzum is Slavko Ledić and his immediate team will consist of a three member Board – Ines Lozić (Finance), Zoran Mitreski (Procurement) and Ivan Šantorić (retail and logistics).

Teo Vujčić, previous CEO of Konzum became an advisor to the Extraordinary Trustee for retail and will, together with a team from AlixPartners in charge of this crucial segment for the company that is being led by Bernd Brunke and Tim Robinson, be responsible for efficiency in retail.

At last, the Extraordinary Administration team was joined yesterday by Zvonimir Mršić, who was appointed as advisor to Extraordinary Trustee for business group Food, thus completing the process of significant strengthening of the management team and establishing the structure that will allow successful management of operational business.