Investment into construction of a new greenhouse


Agrokor has completed the construction of a greenhouse with an area of 4.5 hectares of the Mitrovac complex in Baranya for hydroponic production of grappolo tomatoes, making it the first greenhouse in Baranya and one of the largest ones in Croatia. It is part of the Mitrovac project which exemplifies sustainable development and ecologically advanced and secure production consisting of a farm, biogas facility, solar power plant and a greenhouse that uses some of the energy produced in the biogas facility.

The total greenhouse investment is worth 78 million kuna and the construction was completed in a record setting period of 6.5 months. It is equipped with state of the art technology produced by NETAFIM, one of the leading companies in the world from this sector, while numerous Croatian companies were hired for the entire construction process.

The Agrokor Group has invested 2.3 billion kuna into various projects in Belje, with imminent plans to complete a new dairy farm with a capacity of 2,000 cows and a two megawatt biogas facility and these investments are worth an additional 140 million kuna. These are the most significant agricultural investments in Croatia and the region, with expected annual revenue of 150 million kuna.  The Mitrovac greenhouse will be used for the production of grappolo and beef tomatoes with an expected annual production amount of 2,300 tons. The first harvest is expected at the beginning of April of this year which will lead to a decrease in the import of tomatoes. The hydroponic production process must ensure climate and overall greenhouse conditions control as well as irrigation. The process requires constant supervision and the greenhouse will have 50 employees during the first phase.