Iva Balent receives award for contribution to creative advertising in the region

For the first time in 20 years the recipient of the GRAND SLAM award is a woman

Iva Balent, Executive director of corporate marketing for the Agrokor Group, received the award for contribution to creative advertising in the region at the GRAND SLAM event in Belgrade.

SuperStar Culture, the company that is organizing the Night of the Ad Eaters for the past 20 years, together with Institute of History of Advertising and Media Marketing have presented the top regional awards for contributions to the development of advertising industry for this year at the Yugoslav Cinematheque.

On behalf of Media Marketing, Ekrem Dupanović presented the award to Iva Balent and highlighted the fact that the GRAND SLAM award for regional contribution and improvement of industry standards is won by a woman for the first time in 20 years, and added that the deciding factors were Iva Balent’s extraordinary professional and personal qualities, the energy she brings to the industry, messages of love and friendship found on bottles of Jana, as well as professionalism and openness for cooperation.

“If you are not working with heart and passion, you cannot love your work or be successful in it. This award is not only mine, it belongs to a whole team of people alongside me”, said Iva Balent while receiving the award.

She emphasized how she does not think about awards and that, upon hearing about this recognition, her first reaction was “Why me, when there are so many who deserve this, and I am doing this out of love. Although I am the first woman to win the Grand Slam, I do not view this in terms of men or women but in terms that we all need to be human.”