Ivica Kuzmek spends his free time fishing

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It is a wonderful feeling to catch a fish and then return it unharmed into its natural habitat

Our colleague Ivica Kuzmek works at Processing I in Half-can and salt department in PIK Vrbovec, but he spends most of his free time outdoors with his fishing rod. He shared his thoughts on fishing as well as what his biggest catch was. Read further to get some good fishing advice.

How long have you been fishing and where do you go fishing most often?

I’ve been fishing for more than 30 years. Sport fishing for me is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Each visit to the river or a lake is an experience that is hard to describe and it brings a new challenge. I’ve been fishing at various locations in the county, but lately I often spend time at the lakes belonging to RAK Rakitje sports and fishing society in Sveta Nedelja.

Your colleagues know that you are a passionate fisherman. How often do you go fishing and how much did the biggest fish you ever caught weigh?

During the years I have been fishing I have met many friends and we share the same passion. I have learned a lot over time and I have also shared my knowledge with the people surrounding me. I spend each free moment I have on the water and it is a special and magical world that many never see or experience. The feeling when I catch a fish and I return it unharmed into its habitat is simply astonishing. The size of the catch is important to every fisherman and it is important to me as well. So far the biggest catch I had is a 30 kg carp and after I’ve caught it, we have weighted it, photographed and returned back to water.

What is your advice to other fishermen for a good catch?

Big fish are difficult to catch and this is why I combine various techniques that I have studied for years. This demands special equipment such as specialized rods, reels and other accessories to make fishing more successful. But the most important thing is to have good bait. That’s why I make mine myself.

What do you think about while waiting for the fish to bite? Do you enjoy the nature or do you prefer interesting company?

There is more to sports fishing than just catching fish. Being one with nature and your environment, spending time outdoors and being part of it is at the very core of fishing. I love to observe my surroundings and enjoy the scenery and freedom. It gives me sort of a “out-of-this-world” feeling. Sunrises and sunsets, weather changes, visual images, the rustle of grass and the birds singing create experiences and emotions that are hard to transfer to paper. This is why I always come back to banks of rivers or lakes and when I can share it with my friends who see it the way I do, I am the happiest.