Jamnica and Ledo achieve record sales

Ledo and Jamnica, companies of the Agrokor Group, are recording a significant increase in sales of their products during these days with high temperatures

“Jamnica has sent out a weekly shipment to Croatian and international markets totaling more than 18 million liters which is the largest ever shimpment in the history of our company. We must highlight the great effort and contribution of all employees in this achievement, and especially of our production, logistics and sales staff who shouldered the largest load during these high temperatures. It is important to note that the preparation for the season went according to plan for all segments and that we were ready for these demanding circumstances. To achieve this result we successfully cooperated with all of our business partners to achieve a joint goal of ensuring that our customers receive our products. We expect that by the end of the month we will approach or even surpass a number of 70 million liters in shimpments and sales which will mark an increase of more than 30% in comparison to the same period during last year” – said Ivica Sertić, CEO of Jamnica.

Hrvoje Kraljević, CEO of Ledo said: “This market record that Ledo achieved was the result of improving efficiency of procurement, production, logistics, distribution and also of development and sales of innovative products that were supported by strong marketing communications. We are very pleased to see that our customers have recognized the quality of our products which resulted in this increase of demand and sales. Ledo delivers about 18 million liters of ice cream to the Croatian market annually, and 69% of it is during the summer months. Fruity and watery ice creams are most popular at  times of high temperatures.”

Summer sales of water, beverages and ice cream increase three times in comparison to winter months. Agrokor’s companies Ledo and Jamnica achieved their historically highest sales results in the first three weeks of July, even though the summer tourist season has just begun.