Jamnica d.d., the leading producer of mineral waters in the region, festively opened the new natural spring water and soft drinks filling plant at Sveta Jana near Jastrebarsko. Besides the mineral water filling plants in Jamnička kiselica and Sarajevski kiseljak and the Juicy fruit juice filling plant in Jastrebarsko, the filling plant in Sveta Jana is now Jamnica's fourth factory in total. Jamnica invested Kn 200m in the new plant, employing 50 people in the production. Jana is drawn from a 2,900 years old source at a depth of 800 m, being filled into bottles without any processing by a state-of-the-art aseptic filling line, that provides the safety of fully preserving the best qualities of this spring water. There are not more than around ten such production lines in Europe, which ranks the production at the Sveta Jana filling plant above its competition in the broader region. During November Jamnica will also start with the production of so-called still drinks, non-alcoholic drinks on the basis of spring water and fruit juices at the plant in Sveta Jana. The top-line technology applied at the Jamnica filling plant enables the production of all the products mentioned without using any preservatives, in line with the trends of increased health care an consuming healthy food.