"Jana" comes to the market in PET packagings of 1.5, 0.5 and 0.25 litres. By its state-of-the-art production technology, bottle design and fitting, "Jana" draws abreast of the world's brand-name waters. Like Jamnica's mineral water, thanks to its quality and the absolute purity meeting the world's strictest standards "Jana" shall find its place on the export markets as well. The contents and the quality of the water make "Jana" ideally suitable as a substitute of body liquid during sports and recreation, as well as for drinking and preparing food for infants. "The spring water filling plant at Sveta Jana near Jastrebarsko is a greenfield investment worth Kn 200m in total. We are convinced that already in the near future our spring water production shall reach the production level of mineral water at Jamnička Kiselica, which is the highest in the region", Ivica Sertić, President of the Board of Jamnica, said at the press conference announcing the new product. The packaging and the visual identity of the new product were briefly presented by Mario Scherr, Director of Marketing at Jamnica: " The decision on producing spring water is a result of following worldwide trends and of our continuous efforts to satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of our consumers. "Jana" is a water of top purity and quality, and the product is distinguished by a unique design. The motif of nature on the label is a work of the famous Croatian naive artist Ivan Rabuzin, while the overall packaging was designed by Tea Kličinović, Design Director at Agrokor's Promotion Department, and the renowned "Landor" Designers' Office from Paris. The special features of the "Jana" packaging are its transparent label and the wider profile bottle neck, which Jamnica is among the first to introduce in this part of Europe. Berislav Briški, Production Manager, pointed out that Jamnica closely examined several springs, seeking for the best water to meet the world's highest standards in quality. "The extraordinarily balanced contents, several times lower contents of sodium and over 50% higher contents of magnesium indicate "Jana's" clear advantage compared to other spring waters at the market. The depth of the Jana well is at 800 meters, and the water is bottled without any processing, in the top-line aseptic filling plant providing safety in the complete preservation of the superior features of this spring water. There are only around ten such production lines throughout Europe, which gives the production in Sveta Jana a competitive edge in the wider region", Production Manager Berislav Briški emphasized.