The President of the Board of Jamnica, Ivica Sertić and the Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Ivica Stošić Miočić signed a four-year Agreement on the Membership of Jamnica in the Croatian Olympic Pool on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at the Zagreb Sports Hall. The natural non-carbonated mineral water Jamnica has thus become the official water of the Croatian Olympic team. On this occasion the first "Jamnica Olympic Café" was opened, intended as a meeting place for journalists and the Croatian Olympians and a venue for press conferences and various cocktails. "Jamnica has been with the Croatian athletes since many years already and by signing this Agreement this cooperation has been raised to a yet higher level. Our role will be a logistic one and we shall do our best for our athletes to have top-line working conditions. I hope that with our help the Olympic medals harvest will be even richer", Ivica Sertić, Jamnica's President of the Board said on the occasion of signing the Membership Agreement for the Croatian Olympic Pool. The first Jamnica Olympic Café was opened by the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša. As Ranko Četković, Director of Marketing of the COC pointed out, this is the first facility of this type in this part of Europe. "This is the place where our Olympians shall gather to make the public acquainted with their activities, preparations and the like", Četković said. Along with the managers of Jamnica and the COC, the signing ceremony and the opening of the "Jamnica Olympic Café" was also attended by the Minister of Defense Mrs. Željka Antunović, and among many prominent guests there were also one of the world's best waterpolo coaches, the American selector Ratko Rudić as well as Ivana Brkljačić, Jurica Grabušić, Ljiljana Ćulibrk, the members of the women's bobsledding national team and many other sports workers and coaches.