Jamnica presented its new 1L returnable glass bottle along with new split box

Jamnica presented its new 1L returnable glass bottle along with new split boxOn the occasion of launching the new 1L returnable glass bottle along with the new split box, Jamnica held a press conference today at the filling plant premises in Pisarovina, attended by numerous representatives of the press as well as Agrokor and Jamnica officials. The launching of the new 1L returnable glass bottle and the split box is a result of the rebranding process started by Jamnica in 2005, in cooperation with the German company Interbrand. The cooperation resulted in a new, freshened visual identity of Jamnica, a harmonious blend of tradition and modern design. By introducing a new label in 2006 Jamnica has reconciled its rich history and tradition with the demanding trends of contemporary design. The rebranding process was completed with the introduction of the new 1L returnable bottle with screw cap and the new split box, splittable in halves and enabling the customer to walk upright with the load equally balanced in both hands. The long tradition of mineral water filling at Jamnica started almost 180 years ago, and to date it has grown to become the largest mineral and spring water producer in this part of Europe. During this long period Jamnica has changed the 1L glass bottle form only five times, which tells us about the importance of the packaging replacement process as well as its high demands both in terms of finance and logistics. Jamnica has again accepted the challenge and set new standards, proving that only the best keep pace with global trends. This step has once again demonstrated Jamnica's leadership on the Southeast European market, as it was the first to introduce a completely new, state-of-the-art packaging form, harmonizing the top quality of its water with a top design value. Jamnica has thus announced a strategic turning point in its market communication with design being just one, though very important part of it, conveying the message of its eternal freshness, topicality and ability to lead the way even in the most contemporary trends.