Jamnica Pro Sport

Jamnica Pro SportIn the non-carbonated beverages category, a non-carbonated sports beverage with refreshing citrus flavour will join Jamnica’s rich assortment. This beverage is an isotonic drink calledJamnica Pro Sport. With a refreshing citrus and grapefruit flavour, and enriched with vitamins and minerals, this beverage is intended for professional athletes, recreational athletes and all those exposed to intensified physical effort. DrinkingJamnica Pro Sport quickly restores lost fluids and electrolytes, while palatinosis, a special sugar with low glycaemic index which the blood absorbs much slower, ensures energy over a longer period of time. The exceptional features of this product in 0.75 l PET packaging with a sports cap have already been recognised by professionals, andJamnica Pro Sport has been proclaimed the official beverage of the Croatian Olympic National Team.