At the presentation of the Annual Award for the best billboard in Croatia OUTWARD - OUTDOOR ANNUAL AWARD 2002, the audience voted Juicy - Juice with Character - Apple the best billboard, while according to the decision of the professional jury, Jamnica and Jana took the second and third place with their billboards Best in Water and Spring of Dreams. Outdoor Croatia, a company specialized in outdoor advertising, has for the second year in sequence organized the presentation of the annual award for the best billboard in Croatia. The shortlist of competitors for the title of the best billboard comprised 19 different billboards that were displayed in public areas throughout Croatia during the last year. The professional jury decided on the winners of the first (McDonalds), second (Jamnica) and third prize (Jana), while the audience voted for their favourites by charge-free telephone and e-mail, declaring Juicy - Juice with Character - Apple the best billboard.