At the press confernce held today at Agrokor's premises (Cibona Tower) Jamnica d.d. presented the new, redesigned labels for its production program (natural carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water), as well as the newly designed packagings - non-returnable glass bottles for horeca customers of 0.25 and 0.75 l. The latest investments of Jamnica into the purchase of a new line and the redesign and modernization of the existing packagings amount to more than two million euros. Jamnica's new face was presented to the press by Ivica Sertić, President of the Board of Jamnica, Mario Scherr, Director of Marketing and Berislav Briški, Production Manager. Special guests at Jamnica's presentation were Ivica and Janica Kostelić. "Not even a full year has passed since we opened the new spring water and soft drinks filling line at Sveta Jana near Jastrebarsko and Jamnica already puts a new non-returnable glass filling line at Jamnička Kiselica into operation. Exactly ten years ago (on June 28, 1993) Jamnica started its production at only one glass packagings filling line. Today we are putting the sixth line into operation and introduce new non-returnable glass packagings of 0.25 and 0.75 l for the horeca sector. With the new line Jamnica has thus rounded off its mineral waters assortment and increased the production capacities to 220 million liters a year",Ivica Sertić, Jamnica's President of the Board, said on this occasion. The packaging and the new visual identity of Jamnica natural mineral water was presented byMario Scherr, Director of Marketing at Jamnica. "The decision on changing the visual identity of Jamnica natural mineral and non-carbonated mineral water is the result of following world-wide trends and our continuous endeavours to meet the needs and expectations of our consumers. The new graphic identity is a strong step forward that will emphasize Jamnica's worldwide acknowledged quality (Eauscar 2003, Paris) known to our consumers since more than 175 years. The labels are designed in line with the current trends. Jamnica's new label looks different now, but we tried not to break the connection with the traditional features from the old label. We kept Jamnicas recognizable ellipse and separated the coporate logo of Jamnica d.d. from the Jamnica brand logo, which was identical so far. In order not to confuse our consumers with the redesign, we also kept the red and green color for carbonated and the blue color for non-carbonated natural mineral water. The image of the girl from the old label has been kept as well, though stylized and placed below the ellipse." The credit for the packaging and label design goes primarily to Agrokor's Corporate Promotion and Design Department and the renowned French designers Landor, our years-long partner, and Agrokor's designer Tomislav Gavranović was in charge of the project.

"In striving to round off the mineral water market supply and widen the assortment in non-returnable glass packagings, we also open a new non-returnable 0.25 and 0.75 l glass filling line intended primarily for the horeca sector. The capacity of the new line is 12,000 bottles per hour",Berislav Briški, Production Manager, pointed out. Speaking on behalf of Jamnica's strong growth and development are also the figures for the first six months of this year, according whereto Jamnica generated record production and sales. It supplied 25 per cent more mineral and spring water, juices and soft drinks to the domestic market compared to the same period last year, and exports have been increased as well. Jamnica kept its share in mineral waters with 80 per cent of the market in spite of the increased mineral water imports, and in spring water it was able to increase its share on the domestic market to 41 per cent, with an upwards trend. Year-on-year total sales revenues have grown by 30 per cent.