At the award presentation ceremony of the Aqua Expo 2003 in Paris that took place yesterday in the late afternoon, Jamnica natural mineral water was awarded the EAUSCAR as the best natural sparkling mineral water. Jamnica won this prestigious award, presented by an international expert jury, in a competition of around fourty best known mineral waters of the world. Aqua Expo is the biggest European fair dedicated to water, held for the fourth year in sequence under the auspices of the Ministry of Ecology and Development, the Ministry of Health and the City Government of Paris. The best-water-award was presented for the first time this year and is even more valuable being awarded in France, the leading country in the production and export of mineral and spring waters in a competition where, among others, the prestigious EAUSCAR for flavored waters went to Perrier and for still waters to Nestle Aquarel. This acknowledgement once again underpins the outstanding quality and the unique taste of Jamnica, recognized since 175 years already by consumers in Croatia and throughout the world. This high international award also reconfirms the good taste of Croatian consumers, a high percentage of whom (more than 80%) have chosen Jamnica as their favourite natural mineral water. This year's fair was attended by Perrier, Vittel, San Pellegrino, Contrex, Buxton, Valvert, Hepar, Nestle Aquarel, Didier, Acqua Panna, Aquila Aqualinea, Viladrau, Montes, Mattoni, Ondrasovka, Decantae, Lisbeth, Parot, Magnedia, Saratica and others, and for the first time by Jamnica and Sarajevski Kiseljak.