Jana water with a message is the strongest brand in Croatia


Independent research confirms: Jana is Croatia's strongest brand 

Jana firmly holds the leading position on Croatia's strongest brands list, according to Valicon's research for the year 2015. The Valicon marketing research company conducts annual research polls on brand strength, with Jana holding the No. 1 position on the Croatian market for the second year in a row. Jana's excellent No. 1 position in Croatia confirms that the strong messages have found their way to the consumer, with this significant business success standing witness to the success of the Jana 'Water with a Message' campaign.  

In spite of the fact that the crisis has lasted long enough for consumers to start changing their habits, with its Jana 'Water with a Message' campaign Jana has proven that a good idea supported by a carefully designed strategy and its quality implementation accompanied by a rounded-off communication can generate impressive results. This is why it has deservedly become an indispensable brand the quality and communication of which has been winning leading positions in researches and consumer appraisals. At the same time, according to data provided by Nielsen, Jana's value share on the Croatian market amounts to 83.1%.*.

Jana is by far the youngest brand on the strongest brands list, which makes its result in Croatia even more impressive. Apart from the exceptional reactions to the strong, inspiring messages with which Jana has been encouraging consumers to positive changes, it has also gained consumer affection with its humanitarian program and drawing attention to the fact that it only takes a little love to do great things, make someone's life better and warm their hearts. Thus every visit to the site shall donate virtual drops for an actual humanitarian project helping associations and non-profit organizations. „Jana is the first example of a regionalized water brand on the list“ says the Valicon research thus confirming the success of Jana's „Water with a Message“ campaign which has brought it emotionally closer to the consumers on all markets of the region and reaffirmed its No. 1 position in Croatia.

*The calculations are based on Nielsen's data according to which Jana is the leading brand in terms of quantity and value sales in the non-sparkling waters category in packagings of up to 2 l on the Croatian retail market for the period between January and December 2015. (Copyright © 2016, The Nielsen Company.)