At this year's Aqua Expo fair in Paris, Europe's largest specialized water fair, Jamnica's Jana water was awarded the highest quality prize in the natural spring waters category - the Eauscar. This is the third Eauscar Jamnica has won for its products. At one of the most significant European competitions assessing the quality of waters which takes place within the scope of the prestigious Paris Aqua Expo Fair, an international expert jury assessed Jamnica's Jana spring water as the best natural spring water in the competition of the world's most renowned waters. The presentation ceremony of the Eauscar, which is awarded in four categories, was held in Paris on, February 3, in the late afternoon. The award was presented by Gerard Bardy, President of the Aqua Expo Fair, to Jamnica's Director of Marketing Mr. Zoran Hrvacanin. This prestigious award is the third one won in sequence by Jamnica products at the Aqua Expo fairs. At the previous two Aqua Expo exhibitions Jamnica was awarded Eauscars for its Jamnica carbonated mineral water in 2003 and strawberry/guava flavored Jana spring water in 2004. The international recognition of Jana as the highest quality natural spring water is particularly significant in view of the importance of water as a strategic product on the global market and the fact that the annual bottled water consumption worldwide grows by more than 10 per cent. It is especially the consumption of non-carbonated mineral waters that has recorded strongest growth rates. Spring water sales in Croatia increased by 11 per cent last year, with Jana holding the indisputable first position with a market share of more than 50 per cent. "This award is a global recognition of Jana's quality, but at the same time a strong contribution to strenghtening the Jana brand both on the international and the domestic market. Already last year Jana was recognized and declared as a natural, non-treated water by the EU and this year this will as well be the case in the US, which is a prerequisite for being successfully marketed and sold on these markets. The strength of the brand is extremely important for a successful approach to the demanding and highly competitive Western-European markets which are the largest consumers of bottled water. With Jana we have already recorded respectable export results, with exports to EU markets multiplied several times last year and we believe that the Eauscar shall be an additional driving force for the successful realization of our ambitious export plans", said Jamnica's President of the Board Ivica Sertic commenting on another Eauscar award won.