Jure Radoš at the first FMCG conference in Zagreb

Jure Rados FMCG.JPG

Jure Radoš, Konzum's director of trading and category management held a presentation on retail trends at the first FMCG conference in Zagreb. On this occasion he also announced two new projects. 

The former Getro store in Zagreb will become the central warehouse for online sales. “The new model is upgraded by a series of details so, not only will every shopper know the licence plate of delivery truck that will bring the products to his doorstep, but he will also have a photo of the delivery person.”, Radoš said about the new Konzum webshop.

The other project involves the concept of “discovery shopping” in the former Mercator retail center on Vukovarska street in Zagreb. The opening of this most advanced retail store in the region is announced for December. 

Radoš also spoke about private label (PL) trends and highlighted that Konzum has a special PL department and that Konzum introduced 500 new private label products during this year.