King Extra and Maximo - New flavours

King Extra Panna Cotta Raspberry

King Extra and Maximo - New flavoursPanna cotta desert and raspberry lovers will be delighted with the new creamy flavour of King, imbued with pieces of refreshing raspberries and coated in crunchy white chocolate.The gentle and sophisticated flavour of panna cotta, marbled with raspberry sauce, makes this ice cream that best choice when you are looking for fruity refreshment and a rich harmony of flavours, aromas and textures.Treat yourself to a royal treat and enjoy the magical feeling that only King can offer - the king of pleasure.

Maximo Almond

King Extra and Maximo - New flavoursThe irresistible flavour of almonds and chocolate are bound together by a rich almond sauce, making this ice cream an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience.The innovative appearance and perfect experience of Maximo Almond is hidden in the spiral blending of the two ice cream flavours in a single cone.Sweet tooths will be thrilled with this ice cream, which will meet even the highest expectations and will become your first choice in sweet pleasures. This innovative ice cream is a true fantasy of magical and powerful flavours that will make your head spin with pleasure.

Maximo Yogurt - Wild Berry

King Extra and Maximo - New flavoursThis refreshing yogurt with a creaming wild berry filling and rich, irresistible berry coating makes this Maximo cone a true hedonistic treat.Relax with the irresistible pleasure of this ice cream cone and reward your taste buds with the sweet magic.This is an excellent choice for all those who love sophisticated ice cream treats and who enjoy the unforgettable Ledo experience.Brighten your day with this special experience and give in to a fantasy of the magical flavours of yogurt and wild berry.