Konzum and Cedevita basketball club signed a sponsorship contract


At Super Konzum Črnomerec, a sponsorship contract was signed by Darko Knez, President of Konzum’s Management Board and by Mladen Veber, President of Basketball club Cedevita. Konzum, the leading Croatian retailer, became a new sponsor for the Cedevita basketball club, the current Croatian champion. New uniforms showcasing Konzum’s logo will be worn by Cedevita players.

“Sponsoring and supporting the development of Croatian sport is an important part of socially responsible activities carried out by Konzum. Konzum continuously supports many Croatian sports associations and clubs as well as sporting events. We are happy to become sponsors of Cedevita, our best basketball team that achieves top results, but also promotes sport values and the significance of playing sports. This matches our values that are being promoted through Konzum’s business activities. We wish Cedevita many more trophies and good results. We are happy to be their partner who will support their plans and ambitions.” said Darko Knez, President of Konzum’s Management Board.

Mladen Veber, President of Basketball club Cedevita said: “In a short period of time Cedevita reached the top of regional basketball scene and this is a second consecutive season that we are participating in the elite European basketball class by playing Euroleague. The club does not consist only of professional players, we have a big youth program with more than 800 kids who take their first basketball steps at the Cedevita basketball school every year. We believe that the good work the club does in every segment draws public attention, as well as the attention of companies that want to connect with our basketball brand. We thank Konzum, Croatia’s biggest retail chain, for their decision to support our work with a significant investment. We are happy to see our basketball family grow bigger every day and with Konzum joining it there will be even more quality and progress to Cedevita’s efforts.”

Supporting sports

One of the values on which Konzum builds its success is definitely social responsibility. Kozum actively supports development of Croatian sport by backing numerous sports associations and clubs as well as sporting events through its sponsorship and donations program. Besides supporting sports, Konzum makes significant contributions to environment protection, energy efficiency as well as helping individuals, institutions and humanitarian foundations with donations, with special emphasis on the needs of children and youth.