Konzum and the Red Cross providing relief in flooded areas in Croatia

Konzum is cooperating with the Croatian Red Cross in order to respond to as many as possible requests for help. Given that the Red Cross has the most relevant information about the needs of citizens from flooded areas, this will ensure that all assistance will be directed exactly where it is most required.Konzum’s large distribution and logistics network has been completely put at the disposal of the Croatian Red Cross and all citizens willing to provide their donations.

The most requested items are hygiene products, cleaning products, diapers for children and adults, bed linen, towels, women’s and men’s clothes and underwear, as well as durable food items.

All Super and Maxi Konzum units along with some smaller Konzum stores (approximately 200 locations) will serve as collection points for goods donated by citizens that will be promptly and directly delivered by Konzum to locations in flooded areas of Croatia.

The list of Konzum stores where donations will be gathered can be found via this LINK.

The Agrokor Group and all of its member companies are actively participating in providing assistance and donating most required items to flooded areas of Croatia since the beginning, in response to direct requests for help. The donation process will continue, but as of today it will be performed only through the Red Cross network to ensure optimal distribution and provide help to those in most immediate need.

Please direct all future requests to the Red Cross e-mail address:, where they will be prioritized and forwarded to Konzum. 

We also wish to thank all employees of the Agrokor Group who are actively involved in providing relief assistance in flooded areas of Croatia.