Konzum BIH hired 13 young interns

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This is the 5th generation of Konzum interns with opportunity to gain their first work experience and new knowledge

Thirteen highly educated young people who graduated from Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Political science and Faculty of Criminalistics joined Konzum’s team in Bosnia and Herzegovina that currently has 4.500 employees. This is the 5th generation of Konzum interns who received the opportunity to gain their first work experience and new knowledge in Konzum. Interns hired in previous years had the opportunity to continue their professional careers in Konzum and today, many of them have managing positions in the company.

“Our ad for hiring interns received 350 applications sent by young and highly educated individuals who wanted their first work experience. We had a difficult task to pick the applicants who are the best match to our expectations and company culture. After a detailed selection process that included psychological tests and several rounds of interviewing, we gave the opportunity to those who showed the highest level of motivation and the willingness to acquire new knowledge. I am happy to announce that we will continue this positive experience of hiring young individuals with no work experience, because they are certainly the future foundation of every company, as well as of the entire society.” said Katarina Švarc – Beširević, director of Human resources Sector in Konzum Sarajevo d.o.o.

A mentor who will monitor and assess their work and progress, but also support their efforts in overcoming their first obstacles at work will be assigned to each intern.

“I am happy to gain my first work experience in big company such as Konzum. This for me is a dream come true. I send my thanks to all and I promise to give maximum effort to justify the trust they have in me” said Emra Sirćo, a newly hired intern who will use the knowledge gained in Faculty of Economics to help the young team of Marketing Sector.

“We are given an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in Konzum. It is a great pleasure to be part of a team of professionals. I hope to gain the necessary competence and experience to become the employee that Konzum can count on in the future.” said Enis Kudo, dipl. Psychologist and a new member of the Human resources team.

Konzum will make professional growth available to these young interns through education that the company organizes every year. In more than a thousand different education lectures held per year, specific emphasis is given to professional specialization in different areas.