Konzum Croatia held its third annual Logistics day


Konzum Croatia held its third annual Logistics day at the logistics distribution center in Zagreb. The Logistics day was attended by 500 employees from the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sector. They were also joined by Slavko Ledić, Konzum CEO and Domagoj Jelenc, member of the Konzum Management Board, who have greeted the gathered employees but also put their soccer skills on display.

The all-day event was filled with competition in many sports such as soccer, basketball, darts, tug of war, table tennis, foosball, as well as competitions in playing cards.

As usual, the highest attendance was at soccer and tug of war, as both have competitors that are growing stronger every year, so the contestants had to put up a vigorous fight to win first place in these competitions.

The victors in the sport categories were, as they are every year, rewarded by a trophy, a gift package and a certificate to remind them of their victory. Traditionally, the usual barbecue was organized for nourishment purposes, and the socializing portion of the event took place in a cheerful mood with motivational games and dancing.