Konzum’s new retail standards

Konzum Pula, Darko Knez -0727.jpg

Darko Knez, CEO of Konzum presented the new business standards of Konzum. During the presentation, he focused on the successful integration of Mercator with Konzum in Croatia. After taking over the first Mercator store on September 9th, 2014, Konzum integrated, over the next three weeks, 73 Mercator stores, 1 warehouse and wholesale centers, which amount to more than 130.000 m² of selling surface area. The integration was focused on rebranding, IT systems harmonization, switching to a central procurement system and the implementation of Konzum’s customer loyalty program. Mentoring teams of experienced Konzum employees provided added support and transferred knowledge, standards and procedures to all new store employees.

“Almost a year after integrating Mercator, Konzum is recording excellent business results in all former redecorated Mercator stores. Although said stores recorded negative trends with an average decrease of 17% before Konzum took over, in June of 2015 they are growing on average by 20.9%. The highest average growth with more than a 100% rate was recorded at stores redecorated by Konzum in accordance with the newest concept”, said Darko Knez, CEO of Konzum.

Konzum has also, pursuant to a decision by the Croatian Competition Agency sold or closed 99 Konzum and Mercator stores that were earning more than HRK 925 million in annual revenues. Darko Knez also announced Konzum’s new investment projects – redecoration of the former Mercator center in Vukovarska street in Zagreb and improvements to Konzum’s webshop.