Konzum's traditional colors - red and green - retained

Konzum has presented its new visual identity to the public today. This project started by the end of the last year when Konzum decided to consolidate its identity in all its formats and to bring it even closer to its consumers, in order to strengthen its central position in Croatian retail and encounter the increasing number of new market competitors. The whole project of making up a Konzum's new visual identity was entrusted to the UK design and consulting agency 20/20, that has so far created a number of recognizable retail brands on the European market (Sainsbury's, PAM, Royal Ahold etc.). The credit for exterior solutions and interior implementations is taken by the designers from Agrokor Department of Corporate Communications and Design, Mr. Predrag Zagorac, Senior Designer and Ms. Tea Kličinović, Art Director. It is planned to invest more than 25 million HRK in this project. So far 130 stores have been re-decorated and the refurbishment dynamics for the remaining ones is expected to be 40 stores per month. Bernard Dooling, Partner, Co-Founder and Business Director of 20/20 said: "This was the first time for us to work in Croatia, and the working experience with such a dynamic retail chain has really been impressive. We are convinced that Konzum shall keep its position of the leading Croatian retail chain in the years to come". The new identity that shall be used across all formats, from Konzum stores in urban environments to the large self-standing format, uses red as the predominant color symbolizing the enduring strength of the brand. Green, Konzum's traditional color, provides a touch of freshness and emphasizes Konzum's strategic orientation towards fresh assortment. The basic communication elements in the exterior of the stores are the logo, the side display, the green line (connecting the beginning and the end of the store front), the red entrance and painted store windows. The difference of the existing architectural situations requires utmost flexibility in the implementation of the basic sign either in positive or in negative. In view of the interior arrangement Konzum requires neat and tidy premises with domination of the basic symbols which are primarily understandable and simple. The symbols of Konzum start at the very entrance, leading the customer through the store at a specific, measured rhythm. The Konzum interior is a pleasant and relaxed environment primarily in the function of a wide selection of products and services. The image and the message are important factors providing an intimate atmosphere in the store and making the shopping experience more interesting.

During the presentation the President of the Konzum Management Board Drago Munjiza said: "Today we are presenting a new and more modern appearance of Konzum aimed at responding to the needs and expectations of our consumers even better. It is our wish to be the first choice of our customers for their shopping, a desirable employer to our people, a reliable partner in our business relations and a support for the social community", adding that Konzum's vision of its future operations was for Konzum to be the leading regional company setting the standards and being the benchmark of quality in all business segments. Along with the presentation of the new visual identity the Konzum's new slogan "Through Life with You" was also presented. It was selected in a public competition "In Konzum a Good Slogan is 100,000 Kunas worth" for which more than 30,000 suggestions were received. The authors of the selected slogan, Mr. Vedran Mikulček and Ms Anita Bujanić, who both suggested the identical Konzum's slogan, were presented their awards for the authorship amounting to the individual values of 50,000 HRK. The new slogan "Through life with you" embodies best the basic guideline of Konzum's operations aimed at meeting the needs and wishes of its consumers, 500,000 of whom daily visit Konzum stores throughout Croatia. "Through life with you" is Konzum's promise made to its customers obliging it to a partnership approach and lifelong support, reflecting at the same time Konzum's strategic business orientation.