Konzum Starts Using Renewable Energy Sources

Konzum has implemented a solar cell system project at Konzum Maxi Sopot in cooperation with Siemens


Konzum Starts Using Renewable Energy SourcesIn cooperation with Siemens, Konzum put into service its first solar cell photovoltaic system on the roof of Konzum Maxi Sopot. The pilot project is part of Konzum’s sustainable development business model, where renewable energy sources will be used for the first time. During the first phase, energy produced this way will be used to supply the store’s normal operation, thus significantly cutting energy costs for this retail outlet. The surface area of the collector made of monocrystalline silicon cells is 60 m² and its installed power is 9.4 kW. This system is expected to produce 9.9 MWh a year, which will ensure investment payback after approximately 7 years of use. The system consists of photovoltaic panels locally manufactured by Solvis d.o.o. of Varaždin and a state-of-the-art Siemens PVM series photovoltaic inverter, including the supporting measuring and protective equipment. This is the first system using Siemens equipment to be prepared and put into service within just 30 days thanks to the contractor, D.V.V. d.o.o. of Zagreb, an authorized Siemens partner.

Konzum Starts Using Renewable Energy SourcesPhotovoltaic projects are in their beginnings in Croatia, which makes Konzum a pioneer and innovator among retail chains in this segment as well. By using modern technology to produce environmentally clean solar energy, Konzum is once again confirmed as a leader in environmentally responsible business. Solar energy has exceptional energetic potential and these silent photovoltaic modules produce dozens of times less carbon dioxide per unit of produced energy than fossil fuel technologies.

Like the rest of the Agrokor Concern companies, Konzum has a high level of environmental awareness in its business, which it implements through energy efficiency projects and use of renewable energy sources. Within this initiative and after evaluation of this project, Agrokor plans to extend this renewable energy source project to other Konzum’s major retail outlets.