Laguna Histria - harmonious freshness of young Malvasia

Laguna Histria - harmonious freshness of young MalvasiaMalvasia is the most common white variety in Istria and along with a prominent place in the large family of Malvasia wine, it is considered an indigenous variety of this area. From the vineyards of western Istria comes the new harvest of Agrolaguna's Malvasia - Laguna Histria, quality dry wine of a light, harmonious and refined taste and the fresh scent of acacia. Harmonious acids give this Malvasia its freshness and smoothness. This young Malvasia is characterized by yellowish-green color, while the redesigned label and new Stelvin Lux zipper gives it elegance and a contemporary appearance. The new bottle comes with a new Stelvin Lux cap for easy pouring, easy opening and closing as well as maximum protection of the wine once it is opened. The Stelvin Lux wine screw cap is the latest generation of Stelvin caps with aluminum shell inserts. This cap protects the wine and its organoleptic properties and freshness as much as possible from outside influences and gives excellent results in preserving the wine in bottles. This fresh, young and smooth wine is served as an aperitif wine preferrably at 10-12° C. Perfectly complements pasta and fish as well as cod in the festive season.