Ledo and Podravka presenting the Čokolino Ice Cream

At the press conference Ledo and Podravka presented their co-operation in co-branding project of the Čokolino ice cream.

Two of the leading companies of Croatia's economy sector that know the kids well, make them happy with their top-quality products and listen to their wishes and needs, have joined their knowledge and forces and offered the market of south-eastern Europe a great novelty. Guided by the idea that many kids say "It would be great, if Čokolino were also an ice cream…?" Ledo and Podravka faced boldly a new challenge: Čokolino ice cream on a stick!

Ledo and Podravka presenting the Čokolino Ice Cream"To the satisfaction of both companies, the harmonization of details during the project of launching the Čokolino ice cream proceeded precisely according to the schedule jointly agreed. The experience and the exchange of knowledge acquired while cooperating in this project are a valuable benefit for both companies" – said Mr. Davorin Šimunić, Ledo's Marketing and Development Director. "What we have here is Ledo's power of distribution and production competence on one hand and the power of the Čokolino brand in the kids segment on the other. This co-operation is following the line of efforts to use the power of Croatian brands and production and distribution competences of Croatian companies in strengthening these brands on the markets of the south-eastern Europe" – said Mr. Romeo Nakić, Podravka Marketing Director when presenting the co-operation. Dear consumers, indulge in the new Čokolino ice cream!