Ledo exports increased 30 per cent


An innovative approach, modern technology and quality raw materials – these are the foundations on which Ledo is building its successful strategy of conquering and maintaining a very strong and stable regional, as well as global, position. The latest Euromonitor research showed how successful Ledo is in competing even with the biggest companies in the world in the ice-cream segment, according to which Ledo holds a high market share in the entire Adria region market. Ledo is also recognized as a good partner globally, it has good cooperation with some of the most famous companies in the world and also a 30% increase in exports to markets outside the region. A significant recognition for Ledo also arrives from Mintel, a renowned business intelligence company that published a detailed analysis of Ledo's product portfolio with a special focus on innovation.

Ledo has, in its entire assortment, 210 different ice creams and exports one third of its production to more than 20 foreign markets in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Innovation is the key to success

As many as 44 new ice creams with a special emphasis on innovation as well as on new flavor combinations are just a part of novelties that Ledo, the leading Croatian and regional ice cream producer presented to the media today, thus announcing the beginning of a new ice cream season.

The new ice cream season will be highlighted by innovation in a very wide assortment for all groups of loyal Ledo customers. “We have prepared better than ever and are extremely optimistic, and personally I believe that we will break every record this year and achieve the best results yet. Our optimism is based on numerous innovative products, and we are targeting new consumer niches and introducing new categories. We are opening a new ice cream season with 44 new ice creams.”, said Ana Štebih, director of marketing and development in Ledo.

Among the many innovations that Ledo introduced this ice cream season, Hešteg stands out as an ice cream with two sticks, unique in the world by its shape. It is an ice cream that combines the tasty combination of vanilla with orange flavored coating. The King family also received two new members that have already found their fans, King Love and King Caramel Adventure.

The ice cream cone offer will be enriched this season by new members - Hazelnut and Raspberry Cake and there is also a very special Kornet Cookie, the first ice cream in a dark cone. Ledo is expanding the offer in segment of family size packed ice creams as well with new Quattro ice creams and new Ledo cakes makes every occasion special.

Ledo will present its novelties on SladoleDan ice cream holiday and will help SOS Children’s village Lekenik with a humanitarian action

In order to allow all ice cream experience all of this first hand and in one place, Ledo prepared a party this year as well – SladoleDan, that will be held on May 21st in Maksimir park in Zagreb, and all ice cream fans, big and small, will be welcome. This year’s SladoleDan will also include a humanitarian action: Ledo prepared special SladoleDan T-shirts in cooperation with SOS Children’s village Lekenik that the visitors will be able to buy for HRK 30. The entire income from the T-shirt sales will be given for the children in SOS Children’s village Lekenik.