The Agreement on Business Co-operation and the Contract on Sponsorship have today been signed between the Faculty of Economics, University of Split and the Agrokor Group in the Large conference room of the faculty. The Agreement and the Contract have been signed by Prof. Zlatan Reić, (PhD), Dean of the Faculty and Ante Todorić (M. Sc.), Senior Executive President for Technology, Research and Development of the Agrokor Group. According to the Agreement on Business Co-operation and the 400 thousand Kunas worth contract Agrokor donates funds for equipment of the Referential Centre for Stock Market within the new annex of the Faculty of Economics in Split, which is situated within the future campus of Visoka. Through co-operation and investments into the future of this institution Agrokor places confidence to all the young and hard-working economists, who will acquire knowledge in this institution of high-education and later some of them will apply this knowledge in one of the companies of this Corporation. Upon signing of the Contract Prof. Zlatan Reić, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Split said: "The project of donorship and sponsorship aimed at equipping the annex of the building of the Faculty of Economics has proved to be very successful. A large number of Croatian companies have recognised the Faculty of Economics as a desirable partner in their future development and development of the entire Croatian society. We are deeply honoured to have the opportunity to sign the agreements with one of the largest and most dynamic Croatian companies - the Agrokor Group. The sponsorship money is not our main concern - more important is the Agreement on Business Co-operation. It provides a great deal of employment perspectives to our students and many opportunities to our researchers to participate in development and business projects of Agrokor. The Agrokor managers will have better access to the teaching work and transfer of knowledge acquired in such a respectable company. Agrokor too, as a serious regional company in the south-eastern Europe needs to aim its development at the highest European standards. The aspirations of the Faculty are also aimed at this goal. The funds sponsored by Agrokor will be used for equipment of the Referential Centre of the Stock Market. This represents a completely new programme, that has not been offered by any other faculty in Croatia. It has an educational function for the students of our Faculty, but also a commercial function. The latter refers to the fact that all entrepreneurs will be able to acquire techniques and analytical knowledge regarding the qualified trading with stocks on the stock markets. In my opinion the both agreements mean, as I would call it, "a general welfare", which can clearly be presented by a serious and well-planned co-operation between the world of entreprenuership and the world of high education and science."

On this occasion Ante Todorić (M.Sc.), Senior Executive President for Technology, Research and Development of the Agrokor Group said: "Knowledge and intellectual capital are the values which with no doubt lead to success. The business policy of Agrokor has since decades been to contribute to these values, especially in the surroundings in which we act. I would especially like to point out that after a number of agreements on business co-operation with for example the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb, the Ruđer Bošković Institute, today we also sign the agreement with the Faculty of Economics in Split. Agrokor feels obliged to contribute and to support the promotion of knowledge and the real values, especially the excellence. We see the future of Croatia in the EU in the competitiveness of our products and creation of the "country of knowledge", which in a way interpenetrate. The care for young people during their education and later their employment is our permanent guideline. We are sure that the investments in human talents are the key elements of our success. It is our wish that this Agreement becomes the basis of many activities and projects, which will contribute to a quality transfer of the world practical knowledge and technology into our system and create new values, which will be implemented into new generations of students during their education at this Faculty."