Management system department from Belje

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Integrated management systems are implemented into every farm, production facility and department in Belje. All activities in this area are coordinated by colleagues from the Management systems department. Picture shows Blanka Firanj Sejdić, Vlatko Pletikapić, Marijana Martin Opačić and Zvonimir Pinotić. We spoke with Vlatko Pletikapić, Head of deparment, about assignments and activities performed by Management systems department.

About the Management systems department in short

The Management systems department, which is located in the administration building in Beli Manastir, employs five persons who, in cooperation with Heads of profit centers, ensure the functioning of mutual management system which Belje has implemented. This system encompasses quality management, good agriculture practices, food safety, environment protection as well as water management and protection. The department’s mission is to constantly monitor, in cooperation with all who participate in business processes of the company, that the implemented norms are being followed which ensures that everything is done according to legal regulations as well as according to demands made by customers, suppliers, local community and, of course, the employees. The Management systems department also performs tasks related to demands from various inspections, both domestic and foreign as well as tasks related to our customer’s special demands for implementing specific standards.

Management systems in Belje

Belje implemented the following: ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environment protection management system, HACCP food safety management system, GLOBAL G.A.P. best agricultural practices system, ISO 18001:2007 health and safety management system.

Additionally, Belje’s Factory of dairy products uses HALAL standard and KOSHER standard management systems as well as IFS norm – international norm based on quality management systems, best agricultural and production practices and HACCP system.

Belje gained increased functionality of each individual sector by implementing management systems because one of the characteristics mutual to all stated management systems is continuous, permanent improvement.