Marathon runner that ran across the region

2. Dubrovacki polumaraton 2016.jpg

Nemanja Katanić, proffesional economist by occupation, is a member of the HoReCa team in Mercator-S company in Serbia and his outstanding running results prove that sports and work can be successfully combined. In 2015 Mercator-S awarded him with the recognition as one of the best ambassadors of the company.

Since his young age he always liked sports. He practiced basketball until he turned 17 and in this period he competed as the national champion in junior category with Basketball club Crvena Zvezda from Belgrade. He then decided to replace his sports equipment with books and he successfully graduated from Belgrade Business School. He became a professional economist and was employed as a commission agent  in Mercator-S HoReCa team.

As a former athlete and out of curiosity, he joined the Belgrade half-marathon in 2011 and completed it. According to his own words, only one month later he went to a marathon in Skopje by chance where he met many runners from around the world and the region…and he never stopped running since.

He became one of the best promotors of this sport in the region by running 52 half-marathons, 9 marathons and 4 ultra-marathon races, and the best known of them is the Tara ultra-marathon where he ran the complete 99 km “in a single breath”.  He couldn’t resist triathlon challenges either, so he participated in triathlon half-distance (1,9 km swim, 90 km cycling and 21,1 km running) and twice in sprint triathlons (750 m swim, 20 km cycling and 5 km running).

When asked what attracts him to running, he said: “I travel by running, I am surrounded by great people and I make new contacts. With running chances for a better life open up and every problem becomes easier to solve. On the track you try to help everyone and this also transfers into other parts of your life. Many  observers think of running as just a series of quick steps, but once you enter this world, the series of quick steps becomes just a small portion, almost irrelevant compared to what running really is. And eventually, it doesn’t matter how fast one reaches the finish in every race, nor is it important how many races does one have, what matters the most is that you last and that every kilometer you run makes you better than the one before.”

Nemanja’s effort was recognized by organizers of several marathons, so he was, as an experienced runner, selected on 5 occasions to be the pacemaker and help those less experienced to complete 3 Belgrade marathons, as well as one in Skopje and on in Apatin.

After participating in marathons in Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Skopje, Rome, Vienna,… Nemanja is preparing for the Chicago marathon, one of the largest marathons in the world that will host 39.000 professional runners from all around the globe.