Marko Pejnović: Ledo digital eco system is completely efficiency oriented


Ledo is one of the most successful companies in terms of digital communication in the Adria region. In the past several years, Ledo completely reconstructed its online presence, increased its social media engagement and focused on communication with B2B partners and consumers.
You can read the interview with Marko Pejnović, digital marketing manager in Ledo, where he talks about the digital eco-system that the company had developed.
In just a few years the Ledo website has become a significant place for finding inspiration and quality content.

How did you pull it off?
Marko Pejnović: The key is in extensive research and information in different fields, not only in digital marketing and e-commerce, but also technology, art, economics, pop culture and more. When you determine the movement of macro trends in the world and when you’re on that train, you start to ask yourself what, out of all that, can you use in your business plan, and make concrete steps to improve your business environment. It is important to be well informed, to explore, and then set a strict focus, screen exactly what you need and get rid of all the surplus. This is why we turned off all the mini websites, ten different, distinct brand domains, and ultimately redirected all our users to our “real estate” – the Ledo website. In its ecosystem, with its well-known design and consistent user experience, we provide users with useful information. Along with the new focus we also boosted our SEO juice, and with the frequency of posts we have achieved website vibrancy and provided users with a well-known environment they can easily manage without too much distraction.
We are very pleased with the results, because our research showed that in 2016, 1.2 million people visited website, of which 73% of visitors were women. The most common age group was 25-34, followed by 35-44 years. As many as 70% of visitors visits our site on mobile devices, and users mostly view ice creams, read articles, tips and recipes.

You can read the full interview here.