Martina Starčević leads Konzum klik


Martina Starčević, director of Konzum klik gave an interview for the Internet portal Women in Adria in which she recollects her career path, from a student looking for a job through assistant in category management and Category manager, to her current position of director of Konzum’s online sales.

“Konzum invests heavily into young talents so we have a lot of educations, mostly lead by internal experts, but we also have guest experts from other sectors. Konzum also invests very much into external education for employees and personally I have attended business schools and various programs to which Konzum had sent me according to direction of my development inside the company.” said Martina Starčević who also commented her business experiences in Konzum klik: ”This is a project I could not even imagine. When it was offered to me, I intensively thought about it and what it means. I looked at my personal behavior because I shop online for years and when I realized that my habits have changed, I realized that the world is changing and that this is going to be something important in the future. I have a feeling that I have learned so many things in the past 6 months, that I would never have the chance to learn in any other position. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I didn’t want to let go.”

In the interview, you can also read what Martina said about her beginnings in Konzum, educations, work and valuable experience she gained in Konzum, about the specifics of various sectors, as well as her latest professional challenge as the head of a new and improved Konzum webshop – Konzum klik.

To read the full interview in Croatian click here.

(Source: Women in Adria)