Meeting of Konzum suppliers in BiH and the Extraordinary Trustee for Agrokor

The Extraordinary Trustee for Agrokor Ante Ramljak, CEO of Poslovni sistem Mercator Tomislav Čizmić and Managing Director of Konzum BiH Tomislav Bagić met today in Sarajevo with the representatives of more than hundred Konzum suppliers in BiH. The subject of the meeting was the improvement of the cooperation between Konzum and its suppliers based on mutual and sustainable long-term partnerships.

Ante Ramljak informed Konzum suppliers in BIH of the developments in the process of extraordinary administration in Agrokor and confirmed the focus on finding the best possible solution for a new concept of Agrokor's retail business in Bosnia and Herzegovina that he already mentioned last week in a meeting with the representatives of the Council of Ministers of BIH. 
“In order to position Konzum’s business in BIH on healthy foundations that will allow it to withstand the test of time and provide business sustainability even after the extraordinary administration process in Agrokor is completed, at this moment we need the highest levels of cooperation and support from our suppliers. Meetings with individual Konzum suppliers in BIH will be held in the upcoming days and will involve the discussions about the mutual relationships. After today’s meeting I believe that the agreement on continuous cooperation will be reached which is in the best interest of both sides, but also in the best interest of all Konzum’s employees and other partners. I also expect this process to result with a positive contribution to the economy of BIH.” said Ante Ramljak

Tomislav Čizmić informed the participants about the activities conducted by PS Mercator related to the return of Mercator brand to the BIH market and the prerequisites necessary for the realization. “Following the successful stabilization of Mercator Group in all markets, we are now focusing on the development. A recent BIH market research showed that Mercator is still a strong brand, recognized by the quality it guarantees. It is our wish to use these comparative advantages and return Mercator to the Bosnia and Herzegovina market. In the sense of that, the role of Konzum suppliers in BIH is very important, especially now when we are working hard on the realization of this intention.”, said Tomislav Čizmić.

Tomislav Bagić thanked the suppliers on their support so far and their cooperation with Konzum BIH. “I hope that everything we discussed today will be realized in a way that will allow the transformation process of Konzum BIH to optimally continue. It is our goal to grow and conduct business with our suppliers even more successfully. In Konzum BIH we are all fully dedicated to achieving this goal.” said Tomislav Bagić.

“I have to say that we are pleased that Mercator, if everything goes well, will take over Konzum BIH, considering the fact that it had a better status in the previous period on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and better relationships with suppliers. However, we see that there are still problems with the biggest suppliers, which in a way endangers the rest of us. We hope that Konzum’s management will reach an agreement with the biggest suppliers.”, said Maid Jabandžić, Managing Director of “Madi” meat industry from Tešanj.

“Impressions following today’s meeting are very positive, because all of us expect a lot from it and because we see some positive trends. As far as the company that I represent is concerned, we have followed Konzum all this time and in the upcoming period we expect much from what was presented to us today and hope that it will be very successful.”, said Saša Trivić, Assistant to Managing Director of Krajina Klas d.o.o.