Merry Saturdays organised within the Project "Let's get back playgrounds to children!"

The first "Merry Saturday" organised on the playground of Super Konzum Črnomerec

Merry Saturdays organised within the Project "Let's get back playgrounds to children!"The Konzum's Project "Let's get back the playgrounds to children!" entered the second phase comprising the permanent organisation of interesting, educational and entertaining events for children and their parents. Konzum will thus together with its business partners organise every Saturday interesting events for children on one of the playgrounds, reconstructed within this Project. On Saturday, 02. June the first "Merry Saturday" will be organised on the playground in Črnomerec near Super Konzum (terminal in Črnomerec) between 4 and 7 p.m. The partner of Konzum on this Saturday is Zvečevo, one of the largest confectionery producers in Croatia. "Merry Saturday" will offer to all the children a lot of laugh, playing and spending time with their peers. On this "Merry Saturday" the children will enjoy magic tricks, meet clowns and cartoon mascots and watch an entertaining performance which guarantees a good fun. The sports competitions will encourage children to try themselves in various sports activities and show their skills and speediness. Within the creativity workshop the children will make fancy drawings and collages. All the children will be given "sweet gifts" by Zvečevo.

Merry Saturdays organised within the Project "Let's get back playgrounds to children!""Merry Saturdays" will continually be organised on the playgrounds in the whole of Zagreb on Saturdays by the end of June and will start again at the beginning of the new school year. The aim of this project is to providebetter quality playgrounds to the children living in the surroundings of Zagreb. The Project " Let's get back playgrounds to children" was initiated by Konzum and the City of Zagreb,the goal of which is to ensure in each of 17 districts of Zagreb a quality playground as a place where children can spend their spare time with peers in a carefree play. Besides Konzum and Agrokor, as initiators and investors of the Project " Let's get back playgrounds to children" as well as the City of Zagreb, which provided the city areas for construction of the playgrounds, the other participants of the Project are the Zrinjevac Company, which provides all the horticultural works and the Regoč Company, which supplies equipment and toys for the playgrounds. The next playgrounds to be opened will be situated near the primary schools of Brezovica and Tuškanac. At the beginning of the new school year all the districts of Zagreb are expected to have a new playground with a high quality equipment. All the facilities of the new playgrounds satisfy the highest standards and safety norms, design quality and ecological standards, which provide an active and diverse play to the children.